Below are a handful of quotes from just a few of our satisfied clients with happy animals. For more reviews, case studies and information please check out Lancashire Vet Physio's Facebook page: 

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"Tess is now much happier, more mobile and more energetic. As well as joint mobility, Tess’s appetite has come back and she sleeps and rests in comfort. We started to see these good results developing within a couple of weeks. The other day we had a 35 minute walk in one of her favourite spots, without any repercussions. We don’t expect her to reach the levels she was at a few years ago but we now have a sensible plan for managing her arthritis consistently with keeping her quality of life as high as it can possibly be. Our lovely dog is happy again!" 

"Tilly was brilliant with Phoebe, she came prepared and had spent the time to review the information requested before the session. Tilly provided excellent guidance and her knowledge and expertise made us feel at ease during the session"

"Tilly came to see my young mare after her saddle had caused her some pain in her back. She was very professional from the beginning and very friendly, my mare was slightly worried about it but soon settled down after Tilly started working her magic. Will definitely be asking for repeat visits and I’m sure Storm can’t wait for another massage"

"Tilly was amazing in helping both of my horses after treatment yesterday my 25year old arthritic boy came out of his stable this morning happy and free from most of his stiffness and Tilly was very patient with my younger mare who can be quite anxious at times. As a result we were able to use various different types of treatments in her areas of tension as such as a TENS machine. They both loved their session and feel much better"

"The difference in my 14 yr old shih tzu Cookie is amazing since Tilly has been performing physio and red light therapy on him. I would absolutely recommend her and her treatment as cookie was failing fast and unable to manage and enjoy his walks as he aged. I now have a renewed dog with strength and balance back as he was in his younger years. Thanks Tilly"