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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

First of all, I'd like to thank my friends and family for all the support I have received so far - so here it is, the start of my Vet Physio blog. I will use this platform to post interesting and relevant articles and experiences to spread knowledge and awareness of the work I do; I would love for you to join me on my journey of improving animal welfare and rehabilitation.

About me, and my physio journey so far.

Whilst there is some brief information about me on my website, I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself a little further.

I grew up in the quaint yet surprisingly busy town of Ramsbottom, Lancashire, nestled below the Holcombe Moorland, overlooked by it's famous Peel Tower monument. Those of you from the area will know the feeling that accompanies seeing the tower on your way home from a long journey, perhaps the last slog of M66 - the tower lets you know you're home, a feeling that has never left me. Growing up, I spent many a day walking and riding over the vast moorland, often accompanied by some form of four-legged friend. Currently, I live south of Preston, but I am often visiting friends, family and clients in the Ramsbottom/Bury area.

My passion for working with animals is something I can't remember not having. For many years I worked as a volunteer at Margaret Haes Riding for the Disabled - those loyal ponies made such a huge difference to so many peoples lives, and I loved every second that I spent with them. Like many animal loving youngsters, I dreamed of being a vet. I obtained work experience within a small animal veterinary practice, before later working part time as a hydrotherapy assistant at a canine swimming pool. It was here that I came to the realisation that helping animals doesn't stop at the vets - there is a whole world of rehabilitation and conservative management that many people know very little about. It was for this reason that I pursued a career in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

In 2015 I began my first year at Harper Adams University. After the mayhem of fresher's week and fun had out with friends and social events, it was time to start working towards the future. Throughout my time at university I was lucky enough to get hands-on with a range of species; from hamsters and chinchillas in the companion animal house, to dairy cattle, pigs and sheep on the university farm... not to mention all the equine and canine clients I encountered during my final year. During my placement year I worked in a busy canine rehabilitation centre, and an equally busy equine swimming pool, where I gained a huge amount of experience and confidence - as well as lasting friends - to whom I will always be thankful for.

I'd like to use this blog as a platform to provide my clients (and others!) with useful tips, information, articles and success stories. I welcome you to join conversations here, share your experiences, and send over any questions or requests for blog posts.

It is said that animals have no voice; they have a voice, but it's up to us to listen to them.


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