Introducing Sponsored Dogs - Zyng and Icon Wildman, Agility Athletes.

Lancashire Vet Physio is proud to sponsor both Zyng and Icon in their agility careers - providing performance enhancement, fitness maintenance and pre/post competition treatments, to keep these two canine athletes at the top of their game.

Here's what their owner and handler, Alan Wildman had to say:


Zyng is a six year old female pure bred border collie. She has always loved her training and always gives everything 100%. When she started training she was reasonably accurate but not that fast however over the early training months, her speed gradually picked up and now she is one of the fastest ‘Intermediate’ height agility dogs in the country. With her training Zyng loves toy rewards and food, she is very greedy!! Zyng has won two championship agility tickets and only needs one more to become an ‘agility Champion’, the highest status in British agility. In addition she has competed internationally at the World Agility Open in Holland.


Icon is a two year old male pure bred border collie. He is still learning the agility game but loves to train and always sits by the back door waiting to go outside and ‘play’. We have worked a lot on Icon’s focus which is now paying off, Icon has started competing and won his first major class in June, an agility class. He now needs one more class win to go into the next grade. Icon’s speed and accuracy is gradually increasing ad he loves ‘playing’ together. Icon can really go very fast over the ground with his long legs, he is now learning to be able to apply this speed over the agility equipment, more training is gradually improving this.


Alan is their agility handler; Alan has been doing dog agility for over 30 years, gradually improving with each dog as his experience increases. His previous competition dog to Zyng was called Mynx, she was a cheeky girl but had so much ‘drive’ and determination she always gave her best at everything. Mynx achieved Agility Champion status and competed for the England, British and Team GB agility teams. Her biggest achievement was competing at the World Championships in addition to numerous other international outings. "After 30 years I still love the buzz of agility and creating a bond between the handler and dog creates something really special and you get a shared love of being together and of doing agility" By day, Alan is an electrical engineer at a manufacturing plant, agility is his hobby!

"Keeping the handler and competition dogs in fitness, is really key to agility success, it is really great to be sponsored by Tilly Wild and Lancashire Vet Physio. All of our dogs like the fitness regime and it also helps to reduce any risk of injury whilst doing this ‘high speed’ sport!!"

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